Check out the domain names video display for more information about the domains registration and management services, which are available from Dynamic Software Solutions Hosting.

To be able to deliver our clients with distinctive domain name registration costs, we decided to go straight to the domain names supplier – the companies that happen to be directly in charge of each and every TLD. We set up partnerships with many of the popular domain name vendors in order to get our TLDs directly from them, while not having to move through a domain name reseller firm.

This way, you get a assortment of over 50 distinct domain name extensions, all offered at cheap prices.

In an effort to provide you with a improved domain name management experience, we also created a different Domain Manager tool. It’s inbuilt Dynamic Software Solutions Hosting’s customized Hosting Control Panel plus it enables you to control all configuration settings for your domain names. On top of that, it provides simple multi–domain management options and it’s abundant with useful tools.

In addition, we give SSL Certificates, which you can obtain straight from our Control Panel. There is no need to go to a 3rd party company simply to buy an SSL any more. And if you intend to utilise the SSL Certificate inside your account along with us, we can easily set it conveniently on your behalf. In addition to normal SSL certificates, it is possible to also acquire a Wildcard SSL certificate, that you can use for numerous hostnames or just for a one one – much like the typical SSL certificate.